How to Reduce winsxs Folder Size on Windows 7

Recently I had an issue with a Windows 7 deployment, the winsxs folder was very large. I wasn’t able to look into whether this was a problem with our wim, or the updates process. But this is how I gained 7GB of space back…

This is how much space Windows folder was taking up before the cleanup process :

Size of Windows Folder before cleanup
Size of Windows Folder before cleanup shown using Treesize Free

Install this patch :


Run Disk Cleanup as Admin.


Ensure that “Windows Update Cleanup” is checked.

Press OK and let it go through and delete most of the file, at the end the dialog box will disappear but the Windows Update files will NOT have been deleted.

You need to reboot again, and this time you will see this message :


Once the system has rebooted you should have gained some disk space back :