Creating Offline Repositories for CentOS / RHEL – Part 1

I’ve started doing more and more with linux, I wanted a way to store updates and packages offline – in the same way we do for Windows using WSUS and SCCM etc… This is how to host offline repositories, it may not be the most secure method – but is aimed at LAN hosting where you trust the LAN members!

  • Set up a server to host the RPM content, I used CentOS 7.
  • Install a web server service, I used nginx – my base path is /var/www/html
  • Create a folder for the repo you want to host – in this example I’m going to use “base”
  • Use reposync to download the RPM’s
    • reposync -p /var/www/html -r base -l
  • Create a repo
    • createrepo /var/www/html/base
  • Update the repo after a reposync
    • createrepo –update /var/www/html/base

You can now amend your yum config files on clients to use this repo, I will post another entry sometime with more information on how to automatically update the repo.


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