Oh-My-Zsh Agnoster Theme Windows 10 Client

I wanted to try out Oh-My-Zsh, I needed to set up a new CentOS box to run some stuff and decided now was the time give it a go.

It was easy to get working on the server side, but to get the rendering right on Windows client took a bit of work!

  • Install git, curl and zsh
  • Install oh-my-zsh using the curl commandline from here.

This went fine and worked as expected (I was connected via mobaxterm from Windows 10) But I wanted something a bit more fancy, so I edited the file ~/.zshrc and changed the theme to “agnoster”. As stated on the themes page, I needed to install some patched fonts to get the nice icons – this is where it got tricky. I followed the powerline instructions and installed the fonts on the CentOS box, but this didn’t work. Then I installed some of the fonts in Windows and switched the MobaXTerm font to one of these – didnt work.

It turns out that some of the powerline fonts work better in Windows than others. I messed around trying to get some of the fonts working in MobaXTerm, then I gave up and tried in Putty. The one I found which worked was DejaVu Sans Mono – thanks to this blog.

I had only just started using MobaXTerm, and quite liked it – but as I couldn’t get this working, I’ll probably go back to just using Putty Tray (a putty fork, i like!)

I found this page – which has instructions of enabling the nice Solarized theme in Putty-Tray 🙂

More External Themes to try : https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/wiki/External-themes


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