Making sense of error codes in System Center

The logs for System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) are full of error codes – well they are in the environment I look after! Making sense of them can be difficult. It took me a while to realise that these error codes are not specific to SCCM but are generic Windows error codes.

To make sense of the error code, we can pass it to a command line application and get a string / message which explains things a bit more.

The syntax is :

net helpmsg x

Where x is a decimal integer error code.

But all the error codes I see are in the format “0x8007565”. If we pass this error code into the helpmsg command it doesnt return the message. We first need to convert it from a hex value to a decimal value, the easiest way to do this is using the built in calculator.

  • Open calculator and change to programmer mode
  • Switch from decimal (DEC) to hexadecimal (HEX) mode.
  • Type the second ‘nibble‘ of the value (the last four characters of the hex value)
  • Switch from HEX back to DEC and the value should be converted to a whole number.
  • Put the number into your “net helpmsg x” command line and you get a message back.


What does this message mean?

I have found that searching the internet for these error codes and messages, can waste a lot of time. They are generic and all sorts of windows components return them. The best way to troubleshoot is to find out which SCCM component logged the message and what was it doing at the time, use this information and the error message to try and deduce what is wrong. Sometimes google isn’t the answer!




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