Collect a Log File From Multiple Machines

Today I needed to investigate a single log file on multiple machines from different sites – to achieve this, i used the following Powershell…

It reads a list of hostnames / machines then copys the log file from each to a central organised folder.

## Read a list of hostnames and attempt to gather a specific log file from each

## Path of the log file we want to gather - !!REPLACE!! will be replaced by the computername
$remoteLogFilePath = "\\!!REPLACE!!\c$\log.txt"

## Local working folder
$localFolderPath = "C:\Working\"

## List of Computers to Gather Log File From
$computers = get-content -Path "C:\computers.txt"

## Create a new directory in the working folder named todays date
$date = get-date -format m
$path = $localFolderPath + '\' + $date
new-item $path -ItemType directory

foreach ($computer in $computers)
$remotePath = $remoteLogFilePath -replace "!!REPLACE!!","$computer"
$localPath = $path + '\' + $computer + '.log'

copy-item -Path $remotePath -Destination $localPath

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